Top Performing Email Subject Lines

The average email open rate is 20%. What are you ranking at? If you're looking to boost your open rate or just need some inspiration, here are 14 different email subjects to help pull your readers in!

Straight And To The Point

Sometimes, the no-nonsense route is the best. If you've created a habit of providing your customers valuable content, they will already know that opening your email won't be clickbait and will be worth their time.

  • [Company}'s monthly newsletter

  • Your order is ready

Numbered Lists

A subject line or header with a numbered list is super clickable. Readers know EXACTLY what they're getting. Readers also know these lists are easy to scan and they only need to read the parts that are important to them.

  • Top 5 ways to book clients!

  • 10 resources for improving your SEO

Create A Sense of Urgency + Fear Of Missing Out

The more time someone has to think about something, the more likely they are to forget about it. By creating a time limit or a limited number of products, your readers will need to act quickly so they don't get left out!

  • Sale Ends in 24 Hours!

  • Only 10 left, act now!


Adding emojis in your subject line immediately sets you apart from all the other emails. The little graphic draws the reader's eye right to your email.

  • Weekend Plans? 🌴🌊

  • ✈ Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2021 ✈


Always provide your audience with more value than sales! If you appear as a resource for your niche, your audience will automatically go to you when they're looking for something. You will also become the first person they think of when they're ready to buy because they trust you.

  • Free SEO Guide!

  • Join our free Q&A session

RE: This is my favorite trick because it makes me open an email every single time. When you see an email that starts with "Re:", you think it's a conversation you've already started.

  • RE: Your Temecula Wine Tour

  • RE: Your Social Media Strategy

Ask A Favor or Question

Similar to getting straight to the point. If you need something, just ask! People might not be interested in reading your sales email, but if they had a good experience or a nice relationship built with your brand, they'll be more willing to help you out.

  • Would you mind leaving a quick review?

  • Could you give us some feedback?

Vague or Dramatic

This is another trick that really gets me because I'm so nosy! I've opened emails from businesses that I've never once opened another email from just because they put something dramatic like "It's the end" in the subject line. I suddenly feel concerned about a business closing that I've never once concerned myself with before that I have to open and read. The business was not closing...

  • I just don't know

  • What should we do

Pain Points

Always be selling a solution, not a product. Speaking to your audience's problem will encourage them to click for a solution!

  • Are you not getting any traffic to your website?

  • Here's why your Facebook ads aren't working.

Wish List Reminders

Maybe it's just me but I never fall for abandoned cart reminders. I filled my cart with thousands of dollars of stuff, I abandoned it for a reason! Sometimes abandoned cart discounts get me though... But anyways, wish list reminders is where it's at.

  • The *item* you added to your wish list is now available!

  • *Item* in your wish list is now on sale!

Make Them Do A Double Take

Jokes and puns on your product is a great way to encourage people to open your email. It gives off an impression that whatever is inside is going to be a fun, light read. You could also do something that causes a humorous debate. Everyone needs a small break during the day and light-hearted emails make a great mini-escape.

  • Here's why we think Dumb & Dumber is a cinematic masterpiece.

  • Zero Bull-Sheet (Example from Brooklinen)

Social Proof

I'm sure you know now that influencer marketing is taking over. If you have a large influencer, name drop in your subject line. If your a small business, user-generated content is just as good (I think better) than have an 'influencer'. Make sure you get approval before using content from your fans for marketing but use reviews and photos you're tagged in to your advantage!

  • Selena Gomez ONLY uses this ONE product... (Influencer marketing)

  • Your neighbor, Maurine, told us you would love this. (User-generated photos)

Best Of

People love lists, round-ups, and 'top product' articles. If they're on a search for something, they will love people who have done all the research for them. Be that person.

  • Top 10 Drug Store Skincare Products

  • We've rounded up some of the best swimsuits of the summer.

Announcement or Sneak Peaks

People love to be the first to know! Let your email subscribers be the first to hear the details as a thank you for being awesome customers.

  • Something exciting is coming this Fall!

  • We have BIG NEWS!

I hope these help you with raising your open rate. Let me know if you have any questions!