Social Media A to Z

I've compiled some of my favorite tips for understanding and navigating social media. All of these are essential to keep in mind when you're planning your social strategy! If you need any help, send me a message!


Above all else, be authentic! Be true to your brand and be true to yourself. People are tired of dealing with robots and seeing generic content! Your realness will be recognized and everyone will be drawn to it.


Determine your brand identity and stick with it. Your username, your profile picture, bio, colors, banner, etc, should be the same on every single profile. This helps with brand recognition and will help others easily recognize and follow you on various platforms.


Build a community around your brand. You can do this by spending time engaging with your target audience, replying to people who engage with you, asking your followers questions, and using their responses to build your content around.


Take your long pieces of content (YouTube videos or Podcasts) and break them into smaller content pieces for other social platforms. For example, your 10 minutes YouTube video could be turned into 10 TikTok videos and you can turn the script into captions for Instagram. Keep it simple - you don’t need an entire content strategy for each platform.


Don’t forget it’s called SOCIAL media for a reason. Engage with your followers, people you follow, people you think would benefit from following you… Be real with your comments and keep the SOCIAL in social media.


This one is tricky to keep up with, honestly. But when a platform launches a new feature (ex - Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts), USE IT ASAP. They will highly favor any content using their new features and using it will help your posts rank higher in the algorithm.

Google Tools

Google has some amazing (and free) tools to use that help give you insights, help you rank, and keep you on top of trends. To start, I highly recommend getting set up on Google Search Console and Google Analytics.


Using hashtags helps others find your content but there are some tricks. In order to not appear spammy. Use hashtags that relate to your content. It’s also a good idea to create 4-5 tag groups so you’re not using the same tags for each post.


Each social platform has their own insights or analytics and they track everything for you! Don’t sleep on this! Create an Excel Sheet or Google Sheet with all the key insights and update it once a week. Keep track of which content produces the best results, the best times to post, what brings the most engagement to your posts or whatever you feel is most relevant for your brand.


Unless your target audience is people in your field, keep the jargon to yourself. Fun fact: copy that is written at a 9th grade level has the best success. Don’t dumb it down, but don’t use insider lingo that will confuse your target audience!


Search Engine Optimization is SO important. For almost every platform, the words you write will help Google find you. The easier it is for Google to find you, the easier it is for a customer to find you! So when you’re writing your caption, blog post, or website copy make sure to use keywords that are important to you and are words that people would search to find a business like yours.


Each platform has various ways to link back to your website. It’s super important to make sure you’re using all of your buttons and links. Don’t forget to keep them updated!


80% of consumers check out a business online before making a purchase! If you’re a small business, having someone running your social media seems like a huge business expense. But aside from your actual business services, having an online presence is the most important thing to your business. If you can’t afford someone to do it full time for you, consider hiring a mentor to give you a plan and a direction. Send me a message if you’re feeling overwhelmed!


Email newsletters are still incredibly effective! It doesn’t matter what your business is - collect those email addresses!

Outside The Box

I’m sure you already know but our world is flooded with content right now so how do you stand out?? Compare your competitors and make your content different. Become the go-to source of news or facts about your field. Be as original as possible.


Do you need to be on ALL the social media platforms? Not necessarily! But the minimum you should have is Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business. If you have a product, definitely Pinterest. If you offer a service, consider adding LinkedIn and Twitter.


Ask your followers questions! On your Instagram Stories or posts, give your followers prompt or ask if they have any questions for you. This not only help give you content ideas but it gives you ideas that your followers actually want to see!


If you have time and want to learn best practices for managing social media by yourself, there are a ton of free resources online to help you out! Start with Facebook Blueprint or Google Skillshop.


There are a million FREE scheduling apps out there. Do yourself the biggest favor and schedule all of your content to be posted on your platforms. Sitting down once a week and planning, creating, and scheduling content for the week will save you time and stress!


The times you post online could make a difference! If you go to your Instagram Insights, you will find when your audience is active online the most. Use this to create your posting schedule.


Post user generated content!! Getting photos from your customers not only makes your job a little easier but it also gives social proof that people love your business. When you see ads for a business you probably scroll right past it, but if you see your friend posting about a business, you’ll consider going! Use this to your advantage.


Every single platform is favoring video content right now. This is especially tough for small businesses if you don’t have the time or resources but I think if you’re going to take any time to create content, make it video. 1 video will help you out more than a few regular posts!


Do you really need a website? YES. I don’t see this question too often anymore but the answer is 100% yes. You look so much more credible and legit if you have a website for people to reference. That also means you can be searched in Google! If you don’t have a website, message me asap!


Think about your customer experience and what it takes for them to find you. One part being searching online - consider what keywords their using to find you and incorporate those in your posts. Once they make it to your website, what is that experience like for them? Is it easy to follow along, figure out who you are and what you offer, and is it easy to see how to contact or buy from you? Too many steps or unclear descriptions will cause people to click away. If it’s not super clear, send me a message and let’s figure it out!


Be YOURSELF. I know, we already talked about being authentic but I think it’s important enough to remind you again! People can see straight through it if you’re trying to be something that isn’t true to who you are.


The year of Zoom continues and it’s here to stay! The world got a lot smaller with the use of Zoom and this is great news for small business owners. Grow your network across the country or the world! Schedule coffee chats with someone you could learn from, find the best match for your team, reach out to someone you want your business to partner with, the options are endless now!

Hi, I"m Berlyn! I help small businesses by developing and implementing organic growth strategies. If you would like to learn more about how to grow your business online,