How To Create A Strong Instagram Business Profile

Do you know how many seconds you have to grab someone's attention?

THREE. Only 3 seconds! Your first impression has to be on-point because it might be the only one you get. Here are some tips and examples from a variety of businesses that show how to quickly introduce yourself on Instagram so you can keep your target audience interested!

But first, if you aren't already set up as a business account, it's time to switch! Go to the settings on Instagram, choose Account and then scroll to the bottom and choose Switch To Business Account.


  1. Make sure your logo is set as your profile picture to help with brand recognition.

  2. Your username should be set to your business name.

  3. The name and username are separate features. Both are searchable. Make the name to be a little more descriptive for searchability. For example - instead of just JD Flannel, it's JD Flannel Donuts & Coffee so we can be found if someone is searching for coffee and/or donuts!

  4. Here's what you NEED in your bio -Hours of Operation -What sets you apart -Your specialties or something really notable about your restaurant. -Awards, Achievements, or Ratings

  5. Your link in bio should go directly to your website or a well-thought-out landing page to capture orders!

  6. Let people know where you are! If you have one location, enter your address. If you have multiple locations, skip the address line but list the cities in your bio. You could also have a Highlight for each location or a FAQ Highlight that lists each address.

  7. If you're connected to a food delivery service, like DoorDash, enter your link under 'Action Button' so orders can be made right from your profile.

  8. Include any contact info like a phone number or email address.

  9. Use your Highlights to save things like menu, specialties, FAQ, etc.

Here's why this profile works:This Instagram profile works well because you immediately see where they are located, what they offer, and that they cater to allergy and dietary restrictions. You can also quickly see their hours and place an order without even scrolling!


  1. Again, you want your logo as your profile photo for brand recognition.

  2. You username should be set to your business name.

  3. Your name could be set as your business name or something more descriptive. Here we changed our name to STEM for Kids so we can show up when people are searching for STEM activities.

  4. Your bio needs to mention -What you do -Who you do it for -Why your business is different from others These vary for each business, of course!

  5. Your link should get people straight to your products!

  6. There are almost no reasons why you shouldn't be set up on Facebook shopping if you are selling a product. Get set up and then connect your Instagram account to your shop. This allows you to tag products so people can purchase with just one click on your Instagram!

  7. Set up your preferred contact methods.

  8. Use your Highlights to promote your specials, your products, tips and tricks, anything relevent to your product and useful for your audience!

Here's why this profile works: You instantly see what this business sells, who it's for, and that you can purchase with your charter school funds! The Highlights show a quick look into the STEM kits but also show a variety of fun and educational resources.


  1. Logo is always your profile photo for brand recognition!

  2. For this profile, the username and name are both set to the name of the business However, you could change the name to what service you provide.

  3. Your bio should share your motto or tagline and then clearly state what service you provide and where you provide it.

  4. Link back to your portfolio of your service. Make sure your website has a contact form!

  5. Share your location if you are a location-based service provider. If you provide something remote, don't list a location but state something like 'Providing service across the United States' so no one shies away from contacting you!

  6. Add your contact information like a phone number and email address.

  7. Use your highlights to quickly show your portfolio.

Here's why this profile works: Right away you see that this is an architecture and design company that services both residential and commercial properties. You also can quickly see some of their recent projects to get a feel for their style.


  1. Of course, we start with our logo as the profile photo.

  2. Your username should be set to your business name.

  3. Your name can be set to your business name or the experience you provide.

  4. Your bio should list exactly what you offer, where it's offered, and who it's for (if there is a specific audience).

  5. A link to your website or well-thought-out link list.

  6. Provide your specific address, if necessary, or a broad location.

  7. Enter your preferred contact methods.

  8. Use your Highlights to showcase customers enjoying your service, to explain your services, FAQ, or anything relevant to your business.

Here's why this profile works: We see right away where they operate and the types of tours that are given.

When crafting your profile, remember you only have 3 seconds to capture the reader! What is information do they need to know right away about your business?