The best year of my life.

There are a lot of things that have happened since I moved to California that I never would have imagined would happen to me (one of them being actually moving to California). But the most unbelievable of all the things is getting to be with Cory.

I met him at work and the second I met him I knew I just had to have him. I spent months staring and hoping and finally it happened, I saw my opportunity - I had to move to my apartment and this dreamboat owned a truck. Since he is the nicest human on this planet, he agreed to help me. After, we talked about 4th of July and since I didn't have any friends here he probably felt sorry for me and invited me to hang out with him. I had to wait 2 days to see him again. It was the slowest 2 days of my life.

But it happened and it was the best day. We skated, ate food, watched Netflix, went to a party, went to the beach, and took photos of fireworks. Dating for introverts is a slow progress... We don't really know if the other person is into us because we're shy and awkward but eventually we figured it out. I loved him right away.

Thankfully, he learned pretty quickly that I'm pretty incapable of taking care of myself. He drives everywhere and he cooks all the food. He thinks very logically and keeps me grounded when my head is in the clouds.

He has taught me so much and made every opportunity that has come my way possible. We have the same hobbies, work goals, life goals, and passion. He doesn't think I am crazy for wanting to travel in a tiny house and try to live off of taking photos.

Thank you for adventuring with me, teaching me, taking care of me, and making me happy. Thanks for believing in me and listening to me. Thanks for assisting me during the highs of my career and keeping me fed during the lows. Thanks for loving the same way I do, thanks for being weird, thanks for playing ping pong with my grandpa. Thanks for not being tired of watching Friends yet. Thanks for never judging, for including me, and making me feel so special. Thank you for loving my cats, accepting their oddities, and taking such great care of them. We are so very, very lucky to have you. Our lives would be the extreme opposite without you.

There isn't a day that passes that I take for granted how special you are. I feel so lucky, so safe, so free. I feel all the things that you feel when you feel real love. I am so in love with you and I am excited to see where this next year takes us.

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