Interview with Alin Purcaroiu

Alin Purcaroiu is a great portrait and street style photographer that I've found pretty inspirational for quite some time now. He often shoots in black and white which I love for portraits. It makes me really focus on the mood rather than the details. Learn some more about Alin and then head over to Instagram and take a look at more of his amazing work!

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Favorite artistic mediums

Interactive instalation, Video art, Minimalism, Sound Art, Performance

Gear of choice

Anything that can help me ''translate'' images to the world

Where are you located I live in Bucharest, Romania.

I saw that you shoot with film. I love that. What’s your favorite film type? If it's back and white it's good enough for me.Right know i use Kodak Tmax but i also like IlfordXP2 and an old type of film named AzoMures that was produced in my country.

Do you prefer film over digital? I sometimes shoot film when i don't want to get caught in the technical details. I just point the camera at what resonates with me in that moment, nothing planned just going with the spiral of time and space. I only use film for my visual jurnal, the rest of the time i shoot digital. The sets you get to shoot on look really amazing. Can you tell us about some memorable projects you have gotten to work on? Some of the recent sets i've got the opportunity to be on are directly linked with the fact that i am a photographic assistant (right now i am assisting Alex Galmeanu).But in the recent years i've collaborated with my art school colleagues in some interesting performances and photo exibitions.

Your photos seems so effortless, but so beautiful. I love the mood that they create. Is there a certain mood you are trying to portray in your photos? This is an interesting question for me because i never thought about it in any way. Right now i don't know if i have a certain photographic style, it is something that eludes me. But i know there are times when you have to get rid of your classical notions of beauty, your emotional and optical awareness and just be in that instant moment where things align themselves for the first and last time only for your eyes. It is an enormously rewarding ideea if you think about it.

What is your creative process like when working on new projects? I usually stumble through a lot of thoughts, a lot of undiluted ideas until all of them merge into one single subtle nuance. In this process reading,music,cinema and a lot of alone time (12:00 -3:00am) are the secret ingredients. Who is someone that you draw a lot of inspiration from? I would love to talk about a single person but in this case there are several competing for my attention ( haha ) so i will mention a fiew of them. Michelangelo Antonioni with his discrete puzzles of embodied space shifting character emotion through urban landscapes. Terence Malick with his reverence to nature, human form, philosophy and the love of repetition. Sir Antony Gormley and his unique vision of the body, treating it as a space not as an object but just another form of collective space.

Is there something unusual that you find inspiring? The experimental works of Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) and 3Six (Dennis Huddleston).Imagine that every single track can become a full length movie in your mind depending of your current emotional state.You can listen the same track over and over again and have a different response.These guys are literally painting landscapes with sound. Do you have your next big project in mind? There really is nothing new to talk about i'm just putting pieces of the puzzle one day at a time

What’s your favorite advice that you have received? I think i was watching a podcast on Yale University Art Gallery youtube channel on ''peripheral thinking'' by William Kentridge and he said and i quote ''The act of seeing is allways a negotiation between that which comes towards us and that we project onto it. '' So art as an object with it's physical form has the same shape for every viewer but if you add the viewer life experiences, culture, etc that object transcends it's earthly form and becomes a catalyst. Now using this ideea in photography the viewfinder no longer showed me the truth of a scene but it showed my truth. What character on Friends would you be? Joey , Joey Tribbiani ( i don't share food either )

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