In The Wilderness

I think my favorite thing about taking photos has been the people that I've gotten to meet. I've met some real weirdos but I've mostly met some really talented people that are super driven and are busy creating their dream. Actors, singers, YouTubers, models.... there are a few people that I know in a couple of years I'll get to say "I shot them! Look at this embarrassing photo!" Yes, I definitely keep the bad ones, too.

It's super inspiring and a great reminder that we all have to start somewhere. I'm grinding every day and am constantly thinking that I just want to quit but I am finally so close to where I want to be. After being in such a dark, dark place, I can finally see the light at the end. It's still pretty small but it's actually there!

I had so much fun shooting with Jesse and Jenny from an Indie Folk band called In The Wilderness!. I got to hear the song from the Bob's Burgers anus episode, survived a rattlesnake attack (maybe a little dramatic), and talked about the awkwardness of 'faking it till you make it'. For some reason, a lot of people don't understand that you have to start to end up somewhere. It doesn't fall in your lap...well, not for us normal humans. You don't automatically get thousands of followers, gigs, photo shoots, whatever it is. There is a super awkward phase where you are recording videos or writing blogs that only get a few views......which is honestly just you looking at your own stuff 14 times but no one needs to know that.

My amazing boyfriend, Cory, is amazing for many reasons but one of them is that he shares my love (obsession) for tiny living. We've been planning non-stop for the past couple of months but yesterday we realized our dream can come together so much sooner than we expected and will be much more affordable than rent. Oh, and then we get to own a home! Thinking about owning a home, getting out of debt, and getting to retire is a terrifying thought for people my age. It's almost to the point that it's completely unrealistic. Throw in an injury or a health condition and you're done! It's a very scary time to be entering the real world right now...unless you live smart.

We took a look at some camper trailers yesterday and completely fell in love. They're incredibly inexpensive (way cheaper than 1 year of So Cal rent) and can be remodeled to look so beautiful. Honestly, they felt bigger than my apartment right now. This is going to be real for us. After about $15,000 and a lot of renovation, we'll have our dream home, we'll be out of debt before we're 40, we'll get to travel the county, we'll work minimally and get to finally experience things. I've been working almost full-time since before I turned 16. I skipped high school experiences, I've been on 1 family vacation, I've never gotten to actually do anything.... I'm so very excited that we've found a way to make our life worth living. I don't get why any one would want to do it any other way....

I can't wait to be in the wilderness, with my tiny house, my cats, and my Cory, continuing to meet amazing people all over the country and hopefully being able to show people that your life can be lived instead of just existing. There really are other options.... I cannot wait.

Check out In The Wilderness and please go look at their cover of Jolene on YouTube. That song gives me goosebumps every single time (I have no idea why) and these guys definitely passed the goosebump test!

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